How to be a beekeeper not a bee-haver

Bobby has been a beekeeper for only 4 months but has thrown himself into the world of bees. He spends his spare time reading, going to two beekeeping clubs and tending to his bees. You can see more of his journey on his own channel: youtube/Bobbees! Beekeeping

Travelling around the USA and Australia, Cedar’s sister Mira found Flow™ Hives being used in some pretty diverse locations… suburban backyards, rural ranches, magical secret gardens, and even on a rooftop in downtown LA!

We will be uploading a new episode each week… you’ll meet Jeff, who has kept bees for decades, Kim who has eight kids yet still finds time to marvel at her first hive, Christie dealing with bears stealing her honey… 30 wonderful, passionate, engaged members of the Flow™ community…

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Additional swarm footage courtesy Bobby Thanepohn

Video “How to be a beekeeper not a bee-haver” Author: FlowHive