How to Ask “What is Your Motivation?” in Sales?

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People might understand wrong the question: “Why are you motivated to work with me?” That sounds a very random question at first, but actually it is very important and has to be arisen in the beginning of the sales call. That is because you want to see if you are fit. If you are not, there is no reason to waste each other’s time.

If you ask these type of questions, that means that you want to work with people who are dedicated to their business and are very committed to what they are doing. You are not begging to work. You are equal to your client. That is a pure exchange of money and services.

You have to find out how motivated your clients are, because you want to work with people who want to change and are really motivated to change their lives for the better.

Qualifying the client in front of you makes him think that you have many customers and therefore you are a professional. This technique works really well. You have to know how and when to ask them. The best time to ask that question is in the very beginning of the call.

Finding out the real reason why your client wants to work with you builds a strong connection between you both. The reason you want to know what that reason is that you want to know what value you can bring to them.

For example, if people are looking for a cheap service, then that means that they want to work with you, because you are price competitive. Therefore, you have to understand that you are no obligated to provide a high end service.

If they provide other reason where they highlight your skills, then you have to work at your maximum capacity and provide a very high quality service.

The first question you have to answer yourself before you start working for someone is: “Can I provide them the value that they need?”

Asking people about their motivation is with the purpose of finding out whether you are going to be able to bring value to them or not. Asking that question will place you higher in the eyes of your clients and your clients will consider you as a higher status of a service provider.

You either have too many customers and you can choose what you can do or you really care whether you can bring them value or not.

Video “How to Ask “What is Your Motivation?” in Sales?” Author: Matt Jeziorski