how to add Facebook like button to blogger/website 2018

Blogger is one of the widely used platforms for creating professional blogs for free. This is a nice platform especially for beginners. This video shows how to add Facebook page widget/plugin to Blogger blog, easily. It will take your Five to Ten minutes. A Facebook page widget on your blog’s sidebar, can convert your visitors into targeted Facebook followers.

How To Add Facebook page widget/plugin to Blogger

1. Go to…

2. You will find a complete easy to use interface that will help you to create widget according to your needs. Here you can set widget width, height etc.

3. After doing all settings, click on Get Code Button.

4. Now, you will see two codes on the screen. Firstly, you need the first one. So copy it and Go to Blogger Layout

5. Click on Add a Gadget where you want to add Facebook Page Plugin in your blog.

6. Select “HTML/JavaScript” and then paste the code that you have copied. Don’t give it any title because it is not a widget code. It is Facebook JavaScript SDK. We’ll add Facebook code in the next step. Hit Save button.

7. Now, you have to copy the second code from where you have copied the first one in step 4.

8. Go to Blogger Layout again. Add a gadget and select HTML/Javascript from the list. Paste the code there. Add your desired titles. For Example: Like Us On Facebook

9. Click on Save button.

10. Facebook page widget has been added to your blog.

Please watch the complete video.

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