How To ♥ Grow Long, Beautiful, Natural Fingernails

I struggled for a long time to grow my nails, and was convinced for years that they wouldn’t grow unless I repainted them almost daily to keep them from peeling. Using these tips and tricks, it’s easier than ever now! I also share my trick to fix a cracked, broken fingernail. Try them out, and let me know what you think.

Music by Silent Partner “Accidents Will Happen” Fair use CC License. Youtube Audio Library.
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Katrina Sherwood
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Hi, I’m Kat, and I make lots of DIY videos, about everything from DIY jewelry, home decor, gifts, and crafts, to Gluten Free recipes, No-poo hair care, DIY hair extensions, how to make sugaring wax and arabic wax for natural hair removal, and how to make a bracelet out of a toothbrush. Here you can watch videos about friendship bracelets, whitening your teeth with activated charcoal, or even skip on over to my second channel for Story Time videos and vlogs!

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Video “How To ♥ Grow Long, Beautiful, Natural Fingernails” Author: Katrinaosity