Git Tutorial | How to download and Install Git | #1

Git Tutorial | How to download and Install Git | #1

Git is the most popular version control system out there and for good reason.
In this video, we’ll go over the basics of what git is and how to download and install git locally on windows platform.
There are several GUI tools out there to help you get started with git, but it can be extremely beneficial to learn git from the command-line as early as possible.

Git is a source control management system that has become very popular.
But most developers still haven’t heard of it or have never used it or using SVN or some other tools. Most who have still think it’s difficult but in fact, it’s pretty damn easy!

Git official website:

Download Git for Windows:

This video and tutorial is Introduction for beginners about git and github and also can learn install git on windows as well as git install on Macintosh, git install on Ubuntu, git install in Linux.
This tutorial is git tutorial for learning git for beginners, or like learn how to use git or learn git. This video will be useful for Web developers, Web developement,
Software, DevOps.

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Video “Git Tutorial | How to download and Install Git | #1” Author: Nandan Priyadarshi