DIY Pixy Stix Slime + Edible Candy Play Dough How To

In this DIY, learn how to make Pixy Stix slime! This slimy mixture is colorful and scented like candy. (But do NOT eat it, because it contains borax.) Kids, teens, and even adults will enjoy playing with this fun, gooey slime! You can even turn it into a science experiment by adding different types of powders like citric acid, baking powder, and cornstarch to see how the slime reacts. If you’re looking for an edible compound to play with, try easy candy play dough as well. This Play-Doh is made up of only three ingredients – frosting, powdered sugar, and Pixy Stix powder, of course. It’s the sweetest Play Doh in existence! Literally. And, it can double as fondant to decorate desserts such as cakes, cookies, and cupcakes. A bonus hack is to simply combine Pixy Stix powder with vanilla frosting to get a fruity spread that sugar lovers will want to eat for every special occasion, including Birthday parties.


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In the first bowl, combine a 4 oz bottle of school glue (either white or gel) & 1/3 cup of water. Add Pixy Stix powder (6-8 should give you a good amount of color). Mix it all together then set this bowl aside.
The second part of the recipe will vary depending on how gooey or solid you want your slime to be. I suggest dissolving 1/2 cup of borax in 1 cup of warm water. Dump this into the glue mixture slowly and stir at the same time. Dissolve another 1/2 cup of borax in 1 more cup of warm water and continue to combine to the glue mixture. (In the video I only dissolved 1 tsp of borax into the water & my slime ended up really runny! So, I poured straight borax powder into the glue mixture. If you want you slime to feel kind of like slimy Kinetic Sand you can do the same.)

*NOTE* The slime is NOT edible.

-Vanilla Frosting
-Powdered Sugar
-Pixy Stix Powder
Combine as much as you want together of each until the dough is not sticky. If it crumbles add in more frosting.

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