Appointed to Hope: The Rapture Season and how to be ready for the Blessed Hope

It feels like we are on our collective toes here, on the edge of our seats with the expectancy of this season. How are you holding up? How are you choosing to occupy until He comes? How are you holding fast to joy?

A HUGE thanks to Hillary and her obedience to the Holy Ghost in this wonderful teaching, regardless of it’s “against the grain” conclusion. All praise to our Heavenly Father, YAHUAH, the God of Israel for revealing these matters in the LAST days, just as he said they would. Thank you, to Yahshua (Jesus Christ) for the finished work on the cross and the atonement of his Blood. MARANATHA

Hillary’s article –

A spirit filled approach to where we are, prophetically and what to expect and what to do whilst we wait!

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There are many more watchmen and I will continue to add to this list as the recommendations come in!

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Video “Appointed to Hope: The Rapture Season and how to be ready for the Blessed Hope” Author: Parable of the Vineyard